At Standing Tall we apply a proprietary methodology called DiscovR to support  our Recruitment & Advisory services. Our leadership and executive team comprise individuals who are differently-abled or PwD’s. We bring that insight to bear living the duality of being able-bodied previously and confronting organisational barriers based on social and corporate practices with regards to PwD’s or the differently-abled. Standing Tall specialises in executive, professional and administrative recruiting, and advises companies how to integrate PwD’s at these job levels.

  • Discovery: Understand Landscape
  • Insight: Experienced-based observations
  • Survey & See (Sauwbona): Ask, Listen, Understand
  • Capabilities, Communication & Change:  Model As Is & To Be Change
  • Ownership: Leadership and Team
  • Validation:  Meet, Discuss, Workshop

Our process moves beyond sensitisation workshops and workplace audits. We seek to connect abilities,  capabilities and competencies of PwD’s or differently-abled with promising careers.

We seek to collaborate with like-minded organisations to develop on a tailored and bespoke basis in your business:

  • A clear and comprehensive strategy for PwD’s or Differently-abled
  • Adopt PwD Strategy as a Human Capital Strategy
  • Adopt PwD Strategy as a key component of your Diversity strategy
  • Best practices adoption for recruiting PwD’s and an inclusive work practices framework
  • Overcome barriers and develop practical solutions (prejudice and stereotyping;social stigmas;sacred cows; attitudinal blindspots and sinkholes; inflexible procedures/processes; building access)
  • Disability sensitization/awareness/on-boarding, e.g. provide employee coaching and mentoring, management orientation and team training prior to the appointment of PwD’s or differently-abled.
  • Our deliverables to your organisation may include the following depending on your requirements:
  • A comprehensive PwD Guideline Document for Recruiting, Induction and Support of PwD’s or differently-abled
  • Develop a Company Disability Awareness Program
  • A collaborative program to enhance your EAP/EWP
  • Accessibility Studies
  • Assessment and Development of a Disability Strategy
  • Awareness/Sensitivity Training/Workshop
  • Facilities Review and provision for PwD’s or Differently-abled
  • 360 degree survey and report
  • DiscovR Assessment & Certification

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